Green masterplanning

Dunelands masterplan, Findhorn

Client: Findhorn Community per Dunelands Ltd

Gaia Edinburgh worked with Gaia International colleague Joachim Eble in developing the masterplan, which was based on the concepts of the elements earth, air, fire, water and ether. The A two phase development was proposed in one corner of area – largely dune lands that was acquired primarily for protection of the valuable and extensive coastland ecological habitat.

The process was undertaken with a series of eight workshops in which Gaia undertook the evolution of an explicit masterplan to enable the project to obtain Planning Permission. Many workshops involved the whole Community and invited residents of the local village. Two of the workshops were restricted to the children. The community fully engaged in process involving the site and its wider environs - seeing the process as a catalyst for wider resolution of the overall site.

The plans as derived through the community consensus process were passed intact – and the project is now proceeding into its first phase of development.