Masterplanning for an Eco-Suburb

Tarryholme Eco-suburb, Irvine

Client: Irvine Housing Association

The consultancy involved Gaia making various presentations to the design team (led by Austin, Smith, Lord Architects) and stakeholders in the process on sustainability and the eco-minimalist approach to build capacity to deliver and to set the framework for a consensus view on the proposed way forward. As well as bioclimatic design this was to involve a green travel plan, health and well-being considerations and an environmental strategy with respect to materials selection and use.

ASL Architects commenced the design layout in association following specific guidance from Gaia on the strategic approach. The intention was to ensure that the south facing slope towards the local lake was exploited to the full. and there was much debate on the green travel plan for the project.

The project has been signed off as a master plan, and is progressing through funding confirmation and Planning Application.