the antidote to eco-bling


The quickfire format is based on original experience and research from an architect at the vanguard of 'green' architecture with 30 years of practical experience. Its message is that eco-bling should be ditched in favour of 'eco-minimalism' – the holistic, considered and appropriate deployment of building science in support of truly eco-logical affordable sustainable architecture for everyone.

It is highlights realistic and cost effective approaches to becoming 'green' rather than loading green badges on unsuspecting buildings, their users and operators. It showcases a good-housekeeping approach to ecological building design and specification, involving obvious strategies such as insulation, draught-proofing and the use of healthy materials.

Begun as a polemic for architects, it very quickly became evident that this was a palatable and readily understandable message for all. The hope is that it catches the political decision makers before they legislate and devise Planning Guidance which requests eco-bling before insisting on high quality fabric.

"From the first sentence of the introduction to the basic sums at the end, this book takes the planner, builder, architect, designer, building controller and politician and leads them painlessly to the conclusion that we can with a little imagination and will find a way to provide buildings that are value for money and fit for purpose."Robin Harper, MSP

"Every once in a while a little book comes along that dramatically shifts people's perspective at a critical moment in time. … this is a book that should be read at least once by all of us in order to discover exactly what the emperor's clothes look like when they are coloured green. It also offers a genuine way forward through the bewildering choices that face anyone trying to make a building more sustainable." Dr. Fionn Stevenson, Architects Journal

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