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Sustainable Construction CPD

Client: DTI, Ecology Building Society

The series was developed in a modular format to assist practitioners in the understanding of sustainable design, and to provide the technical skills by which to implement the most up-to-date concepts. The modules covered the historical and legislative context, technical issues such as heating, ventilation, lighting & renewable technologies as well as materials, measurement, urban design and process issues.

Each module provide information on critical aspects of a particular topic and a selection of case studies to provide depth, to improve understanding and encourage implementation of sustainable design solutions.Each module formed the basis of an interdisciplinary workshop with inputs from a number of specialist practitioners, and practical workshop sessions based on participants current projects.

The modules have since been updated and republished as a book – Sustainable Construction 2008, and are currently being adapted into on-line CPD for the RIAS to underpin the recently relaunched accreditation scheme in sustainable design.

Gaia continue to offer sustainability CPD training based on all or any of the modules, as part of it capacity building service.

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