guideing sustainable development

Client Guides to Sustainable Buildings

Client: Scottish Executive

The overall aim is to maximise the long-term value of a building in meeting the needs, requirements and aspirations of users and the wider community as well as maximising the positive impact on the environment.

There are four publications focused on school buildings, offices, private sector housing and social housing. There is some commonality between the publications but each has a sector focus, sector specific case studies and referencing to assist in delivering best practice.

    The intended outcome is buildings that: -
  • minimise adverse social, environmental and economic impacts by being efficient to operate, effective in their use of resources, minimizing waste &pollution and protecting occupant health and the wider environment during construction, operation, re-use and at the end of their useful life.
  • enhance positive social and economic impacts by providing an environment that is fit for purpose, more responsive to individual, business and community needs and aspirations, more flexible and functional, maintainable and cheaper to run, and more respectful of the environment on which we all ultimately depend.

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