Elements Required to Secure Sustainable Communities

Client: Fife Council

Gaia was employed to help to deliver reliable, affordable and replicable techniques that offer real social, environmental and economic advantages to individuals, communities, business and visitors and to reduce future risks and burdens.

Gaia developed a framework to encourage builders and developers – through the planning system - to adopt an ethos of design quality and sustainability. The framework consists of qualities that a more sustainable development should be required to address, identified under these six key principles. For each issue there is a target that exceeds the legislative requirements based on best practice and which is believed to be practically and economically achievable.

The framework embraces issues relevant throughout the project in its design, tender, construction and ultimate handover.

Gaia has subsequently undertaken a project with “The Children's Parliament” involving children from 6 schools in Dunfermline and then the adult community in Dunfermline under the Imagine Dunfermline initiative – the Dunfermline Children's Eco-City is currently on display in the city.

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