Green Refurbishment

Client: LifeCare

Undertaken with funding received from the Climate Challenge Fund, the study has develop holistic strategies for the ‘super-greening' of the building, and specifically how operational carbon emissions could be reduced.

Broken into three distinct phases, the work has included: a comprehensive assessment of the existing building, operation and management strategies; establishment of performance targets that LifeCare would aim to achieve through annual maintenance and subsequent phases of refurbishment, and; practical implementation of a number of the principles identified in the Stage 2 report in the form of replacement of front and rear glazed entrance screens to the building.

Gaia has subsequently been approached by LifeCare to coordinate additional fabric improvement works, including window replacement and air-tightness sealing at particularly weak points. All areas subject to improvement works were air-tightness tested prior to the works taking place, and will be tested again post-completion to establish the precise improvement.