Sustainability Guide to the Plan of Work 2013

Client: RIBA

This guide is designed to sit alongside the RIBA Plan of Work 2013. It expands on the existing Sustainability Checkpoints in the RIBA Plan of Work 2013 to explain the importance of, and also to provide practical guidance on, defining and delivering a truly sustainable project.

The emergence of sustainability as a concept results from the increasing recognition that human activity is changing the environment and creating risks for this and future generations. These risks include climate change, energy, water and material shortages, pollution hazards, environmental instability caused by loss of biodiversity and social instability caused by disaffection. The impact of the built environment is not trivial. It provides for many of our personal and societal needs, but poorly designed buildings and places impose burdens on individuals, communities, the economy and the natural world. Conversely, good design can have a positive impact.

The Guide is written principally from the perspective of the lead designer but will provide valuable insight for all other parties involved, many of whom are unlikely to be familiar with the most recent sustainability guidance. It will provide a useful ‘aide memoire’, a route map to delivering a successful sustainable project, guidance on the specific sustainability issues and a framework within which to identify when these need to be addressed or revisited.

The guidance will ensure that the project team understands and can establish the sustainability goals, and subsequently the Sustainability Strategy and Sustainability Aspirations, together with a programme for delivery.

    It identifies:
  • how to demonstrate that Sustainability Aspirations have been achieved
  • how a completed project can be further optimised
  • how lessons learned can be made available for future projects and
  • where decisions are required to be made and signed off, and the Information Exchanges at each stage.

The Sustainability Guide to the RIBA Plan of Work 2013